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Heather Accurso

Heather was born in Chicago in 1969 where she grew up, taught, and exhibited her work until she married a German Astrophysicist and moved to Cologne, Germany in 2002. They then re-located to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2008 where she currently lives and works.

Heather is a mixed media artist, with a focus on drawing that includes figurative and universal imagery that is rooted in symbolism. The collaged, mixed-media drawings of Henry Darger and the harsh paintings of the Chicago Imagists strongly influenced her iconography. Themes took a political turn during her six year stint in Germany, which coincided with the onset and escalation of the Iraq War. 

Lately, her work has gravitated towards fantastical situations wherein, her model (her daughter), overcomes impossible, even deadly, real-life world events, as a transcendental super-hero character.

The Meteor Catcher, color pencil, graphite, watercolor on collaged stonehenge paper, 31"x33.5"