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Steve Levin

Steve’s paintings are made using the traditional painting technique of oil on copper. Some of their antique character emerges from his careful, deliberate approach with this technique. Copper is a very smooth, hard, and antiseptic surface over which a paintbrush glides easily—and where a progression of visual techniques and motifs including brush strokes, words, pictograms, icons, cartoons, and depictions of solid objects co-mingle in a hermetic pictorial continuum with an ambiguous theme that is very reminiscent of the art found in the margins of 1930’s and 40’s movie credits. An overall shallow picture space teems with pictures inside of pictures, depictions of landscapes on depictions of bits of paper, all these levels of visual elements are kept in focus, and painted with a precision that is key to recognizing his virtuosity.


The Moon is High, oil on copper, 7"x16"
Common Sense, oil on copper, 9"x11.5"