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Betty Cleeland

Betty Cleeland’s current work is an exploration of patterns and schemes found in the world around us: in architecture, in nature, and especially in textiles. The uniting thread in all of the work is color and pattern and how our perception of color depends on the adjacent colors. She uses color in her work as a visual construct that appears random but that in fact is based on careful study and perception.

Arabique, oil on linen, 38"x48"
Victoria, oil on linen, 48"x36"
Scrim Rose, oil on canvas, 18"x18"
White Coral, oil on linen, 24"x10"
Tartan, oil on canvas, 16"x16"
Untitled, oil on linen, 16"x16"
Untitled, oil on linen, 16"x16"
Departed, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 36"x36"
Los Desaparecidos (diptych), oil on linen, 72"x12" (each)
Onda Refractiva (diptych), oil on linen, 16"x16" (each)
Exante, oil on linen, 48"x36"