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Nova Czarnecki

Nova Czarnecki works with oil paint, creating vibrant life-sized images of figures in motion, emotional portraits, and amped-up nature. After graduating from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a degree in painting, she has continued a disciplined career as an artist in Milwaukee, exhibiting her work in various galleries. Her paintings reveal the human experience in colorful explosions of alternate reality, using lyrical movement and design to make the unseen seen. In her work, Nova has studied elaborate cityscapes, structured patterns, and the earthly elements with realistic clarity, and has also investigated organic life, sometimes dripping or swirling with playful fantasy. In her most recent work Nova depicts the human form emerging from the tangles of tree branches, bursting with birds, or cascading with floral creations and oceanic structures to visually describe a memory, experience, or moral. She finds inspiration in nature and considers the connection between what can actually be touched and what is transcendent.

The Rescue of a Hummingbird, oil on canvas, 48"x60"
Accepting Gravity, oil on canvas, 36"x48"
Nature vs Nurture, oil on canvas, 41"x50"
Veil of Amnesia, oil on canvas, 36"x48"
Meteor, oil on canvas, 54"x54"
Heir to the Throne, oil on canvas, 48"x60"
Composed, oil on canvas, 36"x48"
Nutritional Jewels, oil on canvas, 36"x48"
Feminine Wilds, oil on canvas, 36"x48"
Be Still, oil on canvas, 48"x36"